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    4/12: Los Angeles Center for Photography

Photographing Brooklyn Decker for USA TODAY

The former supermodel turned actress Brooklyn Decker stopped by USA TODAY’s Los Angeles offices for a Celebrity #TalkingTech episode, and graced the staffers with a group Selfie and photo session afterwards. Look for the video soon. Meanwhile, here’s two highlights:

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Photographing Harry Shum, Jr. for USA TODAY

We met actor Harry Shum, Jr. recently for my #TalkingYourTech digital video show at the Los Angeles bureau of USA TODAY. During the interview, he mentioned that he owned the Google Glass computerized eyewear that’s yet to become available to the public, but alas–he left them in his Tesla.

Photographers take note: we accompanied Shum to the parking garage to get the eyewear, and shot this directly in front of the garage, in a nice, clean, blank wall with no distractions, and came in tight. I love being nimble like this.
Canon 5D Mark III, 70-200mm lens.

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Photographing Tori Kelly @NAMM 2014

We met young pop star Tori Kelly @the Taylor Guitars booth during NAMM 2014, where we did a live USATODAY #TalkingYourTech interview, and followed it with a song, her latest, “Dear No One.” (She sang, I backed up on guitar.) But before her set, after we rehearsed the song, we stepped outside for some portraits. Camera: Sony RX10, natural lighting. Look for the video clip of “Dear,” and the interview, which will be posted here shortly.

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Takin’ it to the Streets| #TalkingTech in 2013

Here’s the 2013 highlight reel of talkin’ to consumers about trends, devices and apps on #TalkingTech in 2013. We had a blast chatting it up with folks in Venice Beach, Times Square, Washington DC, Hollywood Blvd. and Pasadena in 2013. Where should we visit you in 2014? Drop us a line here and let us know.

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