Manhattan Beach Pier

iPhone 7 Plus and the Moment lens

On today’s USA TODAY TalkingTech podcast, I review the accessory lenses from Moment, a company that helps get you closer to the action, or expands the scene, with clip-on lenses that attach to your smartphone.
On the show, I promised to show examples, so here we go!
The first four are with the tele lens, which effectively doubles the focal length of your smartphone lens.

The next two are with the wide angle lens, which opens up the image and lets you see more of the world around you.

The lenses sell for around $100 each, and are best attached with a Moment case ($29.99) with slots to clip on the lenses. They are available at

Manhattan Beach Pier

Mornings in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier
The shadows of the palm trees, with Manhattan Beach Pier in the background.

Manhattan Beach Pier
The Manhattan Beach Pier before the sun comes up in the morning

Mornings are my favorite time in Manhattan Beach, California.
I love going down to the Pier and photographing when things are nice and quiet, and the bustle has yet to begin.
Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach lifeguard station, in early morning

For more photos of the jewel of the Los Angeles South Bay, check out my photography website

Jefferson Graham

Jefferson Graham Guitar

Jefferson Graham
Jefferson Graham is a photographer, writer, podcaster, video host and videographer and a jazz guitarist.

I love this new shot, in the #TalkingTech garage, with me and my beloved Gibson ES125, circa 1950s. I’ve been playing it since the 1970s, and it’s followed me from New York to the Berkshires, Toledo, Ohio, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
I can’t imagine life without it.

Japan monkey

Japanese monkeys

One of the benefits of visiting Kyoto, Japan is a little monkey habitat by the Bamboo Forest. The Arashiyama Monkey Park is a mega, mega climb, high up in the hills, but worth it.
The animals that roam free up there are called the “Japanese macaque” and also known as the “Snow monkey.”
It costs just around $5 to get in.

Japan monkey
Up close and personal with a Japanese monkey in Kyoto.

Japan monkey
Looking straight ahead at a Japanese monkey near Kyoto, Japan.

Japan monkeys
A Japan monkey hanging on a tree near Kyoto.

These photos were snapped with the Sony RX10II camera.