• Jefferson Graham is a USA TODAY tech columnist and the host of Talking Tech, seen on USA TODAY and Gannett TV stations, and an accomplished portrait photographer and jazz guitarist.

Photographing Kevin Nealon for USA TODAY #TalkingTech

When we met up with comedian Kevin Nealon at his home in Los Angeles for my USA TODAY #TalkingTech series, he mentioned that his all-time favorite gadget was the EG1 Traveler Guitar, suitable for overhead bins and rocking out in hotel rooms.
Well, you know me.
“Can you go it?” I asked.
And thus began out shoot, where I requested that he have some fun with the axe for photo time.
(And this was after we played “Dueling Banjos,” and the theme from the “Beverly Hillbillies,” on guitar and banjo.
Just another fun morning on the job!

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Shooting in high ISOs with the Sony A7S

I’ve been shooting a lot with the Sony A7S for the last several weeks, gathering material for my USA TODAY #TalkingTech review.
The big selling point of this camera is the big full-frame chip in the small body, and getting to shoot at higher ISOs than previously thought imaginable.
Take a look at some of the examples:
We start with dusk in Pismo Beach, throw in some portraits and end in morning @Manhattan Beach, as the sun is about to come up. All shot at ISOs from 2500 to 100,000.

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#TalkingTech with jazz legend Chick Corea

We met up with the jazz legend Chick Corea during a stop in Los Angeles, when he was in town to perform with the Vigil, his new straight-ahead jazz group. We got a good half-hour of conversation on a range of tech-oriented topics for my #TalkingTech series: his gadget bag that he’s taken from Boston to Peru, the new podcast series and online music seminars, and which jazz albums he’d choose to introduce a newbie to the art form.
Corea, who has been performing since the 1960s, broke through to pop audiences in the 1970s with his Return to Forever jazz-rock group and has been packing `em in ever since.
My all-time personal favorite Corea composition is “Armando’s Rhumba,” and recording would be any time he’s on the solo piano. What’s yours?
Check out this best-of playlist Corea put together on SoundCloud down below.


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Photographing Kat McPhee for USA TODAY

We met the actress Katharine McPhee at the set of her new CBS drama “Scorpion,” in Manhattan Beach for our #TalkingTech @usatoday series, and had fun showing her the then brand-new iPhone 6, which had been out for just a few hours.
We did some “burst” mode selfies, talked tech, and then I was given enough time to shoot 3 frames worth for a portrait. I started in our lit situation on the set, then brought her over by the window, for some illumination. I photographed her on the Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70mm L lens.

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Photographing Pierce Brosnan for #USATODAY

The photo shoot went by so fast–it seemed like seconds! The YouTube clip below clocks in at 8 seconds–I think we actually got 30 or so seconds, but who’s counting?
We met up with the former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, where he was plugging his new film, “The November Man,” on my USA TODAY video series, the celebrity edition of #TalkingTech. I had asked him during the interview to pull out his phone, so he could show me his drawing apps. Those, alas, are on his iPad, which he uses to amuse himself drawing while on the set. But like a great trouper, he had fun with the iPhone for our quick photo shoot. Look for the Pierce Brosnan #TalkingTech episode on 8/26.

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