• Jefferson Graham is a USA TODAY tech columnist and the host of Talking Tech, seen on USA TODAY and Gannett TV stations, and an accomplished portrait photographer and jazz guitarist.

Photographing Pierce Brosnan for #USATODAY

The photo shoot went by so fast–it seemed like seconds! The YouTube clip below clocks in at 8 seconds–I think we actually got 30 or so seconds, but who’s counting?
We met up with the former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, where he was plugging his new film, “The November Man,” on my USA TODAY video series, the celebrity edition of #TalkingTech. I had asked him during the interview to pull out his phone, so he could show me his drawing apps. Those, alas, are on his iPad, which he uses to amuse himself drawing while on the set. But like a great trouper, he had fun with the iPhone for our quick photo shoot. Look for the Pierce Brosnan #TalkingTech episode on 8/26.

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The Many Faces of Henry Zebrowski

I had a fabulous #TalkingTech session with comedian Henry Zebrowski for #USATODAY. You may have seen him in “Wolf of Wall Street,” or on Adult Swim’s “Your Face is Going to Hell.
Now he’s co-starring in an upcoming NBC sitcom about the online dating world, “AtoZ,” which is part of the new NBC “Must See TV,” Thursday lineup.
As you can tell from the photo collection here–inspired, as always, by the great Christopher Michel, Henry gives his all for the interview and photo shoot.
Look for the episode in the fall.

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Photographing #Zendaya for USA TODAY

Teen Disney Channel star Zendaya stopped by the USA TODAY bureau in L.A. recently to sit down with me for my #TalkingTech series. We talked about her self-proclaimed position as the “Selfie Queen,” her favorite apps and her latest app-oriented film “Zapped.”

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Crazy Ice Cream in PDX!

You’ve never seen an ice cream parlor like this! Flavors like Cucumber and Raspberry Sorbet, or Strawberry with Cilantro Lime Cheesecake, and folks are lined up around the block to get in.
Tastes are encouraged at Portland’s Salt&Straw ice creamery in the city’s Alberta Arts District. After all, what better way to decide whether or not to go for the Pear with Blue Cheese or Coconut with Petunias cone?
My selectionL Birthday Cake with Black Berries on top, Sea Salt with Caramel on the bottom (pictured in the waffle con) while RuthTalksFood went for straight vanilla and raspberry.
Verdict: terrific, a wow experience, but I wouldn’t make it a weekly habit. Way too rich for that!

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