• Jefferson Graham is a USA TODAY tech columnist and the host of Talking Tech, seen on USA TODAY and Gannett TV stations, and an accomplished portrait photographer and jazz guitarist.

My mom, the YouTube star

Read up on the senior with 12 million views and 33,000 subscribers to her thriving YouTube channel–Judy Graham.

The woman better known as “Knitting Tips by Judy,” just happens to be my tech-savvy mom. Here’s my USATODAY piece on her, the audio #TalkingTech interview, and some photos we did at TuneIn.com studios in Venice Beach.tunein (93 of 93)-Edit-Edittunein (89 of 93)


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Faces of #TalkingTech

That I love hosting the audio edition of USA TODAY #TalkingTech @TuneinStudios in Venice Beach is a well-known fact.

But the added gravy is getting great pix of my guests while they’re at the roundtable. Here’s some highlights from this week:

Stephan Cooper




From top: photographer Stephan Cooper, Zita Cassizzi, the chief digital officer for Tom’s Shoes, Allen Jones from Ziprecruiter and Ted Hong from Dropoff.

Below: the roundtable.


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Faces of Silicon Beach

Every week, I record the audio version of #TalkingTech at #TuneInStudios in Venice Beach, California, moderating a roundtable of some of the smartest folks from the tech startup world here in Southern California. Here’s a collection of some of the portraits we shoot after the show.

Featured: Tracy DiNunzio, the founder of Tradesy, Grant Cohen from online gaming network PlayHaven, Hello Society founder Kyla Brennan, German app developer Alexander Nast, eSalon founder Francisco Gimenez, DogVacay’s Aaron Hirschhorn and Science, Inc. co-founder Peter Pham.

Tracy DiNuzio

Grant Cohen


Kyla Brennan






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