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Mornings in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier

The shadows of the palm trees, with Manhattan Beach Pier in the background.

Manhattan Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier before the sun comes up in the morning

Mornings are my favorite time in Manhattan Beach, California.
I love going down to the Pier and photographing when things are nice and quiet, and the bustle has yet to begin.
Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach lifeguard station, in early morning

For more photos of the jewel of the Los Angeles South Bay, check out my photography website

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Jefferson Graham Guitar

Jefferson Graham

Jefferson Graham is a photographer, writer, podcaster, video host and videographer and a jazz guitarist.

I love this new shot, in the #TalkingTech garage, with me and my beloved Gibson ES125, circa 1950s. I’ve been playing it since the 1970s, and it’s followed me from New York to the Berkshires, Toledo, Ohio, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
I can’t imagine life without it.

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Japanese monkeys

One of the benefits of visiting Kyoto, Japan is a little monkey habitat by the Bamboo Forest. The Arashiyama Monkey Park is a mega, mega climb, high up in the hills, but worth it.
The animals that roam free up there are called the “Japanese macaque” and also known as the “Snow monkey.”
It costs just around $5 to get in.

Japan monkey

Up close and personal with a Japanese monkey in Kyoto.

Japan monkey

Looking straight ahead at a Japanese monkey near Kyoto, Japan.

Japan monkeys

A Japan monkey hanging on a tree near Kyoto.

These photos were snapped with the Sony RX10II camera.

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#Streetlife from Japan

Geisha girls

A sighting of two geisha gals, all dolled up on a Sunday afternoon, in Kyoto by Jefferson Graham

Japan traffic cop

A traffic cop in Kyoto, Japan takes a quick break on a busy afternoon. Photo by Jefferson Graham

Kobe shopping mall

Despite the retail situation in the United States, the malls are packed in Japan. Here is a shot on a rainy day in Kobe, where covered malls are filled with dozens of stores and busy shoppers.

Bowing dummies

In Japan, the store mannequins bow


Yes, even in 2017, you can still pay someone to drag you through the streets on a rickshaw ride in Japan


They sing on the streets with ancient instruments in Japan


Tourists rent kimono dresses to walk around Kyoto on a Sunday afternoon

Cherry blossoms

The obligatory cherry blossoms shot.

#Streetlife from Kobe and Kyoto, Japan. Shot on the Sony RX10II camera, April, 2017.

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