Mystery Guitar Man Meets Jefferson Graham on Talking Tech

If you haven’t caught Joe Penna’s amazing MysteryGuitarMan videos on YouTube yet, take a few moments to check him out. Penna does amazing little productions with multiple music and video tracks, all from a tiny studio in Hollywood. We visited the young director recently at his Hollywood studio for a Talking Tech episode, which we […]

Fran Drescher not speaking to Siri–#TalkingYourTech

My USA TODAY #TalkingYourTech interview with TV sitcom queen Fran Drescher. Who knew she was going to be such a techie? Or that she’d give us a priceless wink at the top of the first video? We met her at the set of her TV show “Happily Divorced,” on Veteran’s Day, for a late-night (8:40 […]

The Mystery Guitar Man | Joe Penna

This week I’ll have a USA TODAY Talking Tech profile of Joe Penna, the sunglass toting genius behind the Mystery Guitar Man videos that have pulled in over 300 million YouTube views in just three years. He makes the productions, usually stop-motion animation and music video parodies, in his studio on the famed Sunset Strip […]

Five Years of Manhattan Beach Family Portraits

Sunday we participated in the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of family portraits forn the Krantz family. We started this when their daughter was just 1 years old–now she’s 6. We look forward to keeping this going for at least another 12 years. We met at Manhattan Beach early on a Sunday morning, which was crawling with […]