Meet Maria Seidman of YAPP

I recently met up with Maria Seidman, who runs the New York City based tech startup Yapp from the basement of her upper west side apartment. She wrote me this morning and asked to see some of the photos–nearly 3 months after the shoot, and I feared they were lost. But thankfully, I discovered them […]

Video Nation @ Julia Dean Photo Workshops

We had a great turnout for last weekend’s Video seminar @Julia Dean Photo workshops in Hollywood. We talked about DSLRs for about 30 minutes, and then got right to work. We showed how to shoot an interview, and then got more ambitious at lunch–we all brought cameras to a local Chipotle to make a little […]

Jazz great Bobby McFerrin on Talking Your Tech

On a recent tour stop in Los Angeles, jazz great Bobby McFerrin spent some time with me at the glitzy J.W. Marriott in downtown L.A. recently to talk music, improvisation and tech. While tech isn’t necessarily one of his favorite subjects, he did warm to the idea that his 1988 hit, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” […]

Best of Talking Tech | Jefferson Graham

1:50 of 14 of my greatest #USATODAY #Talking Tech and #Talking Your Tech hits–thanks Mike Huckabee, the desert, Savannah Guthrie, Lewis Black, Brian Williams, Gus, Dr. Phil and the rest of the gang for the fun!

“Making Video Easy” @ The Big Photo Show in L.A.

Highlights from my well-attended #VideoNation seminar at The Big Photo Show in L.A. on how to make better looking videos. Thanks to @markcomon from Paul’s Photo and the Creative Photo Academy for putting everything together. And to the great Stephan Cooper for capturing it on video! By the way, my next appearances: 5/18: Julia Dean […]