Sights and smells from Charleston, SC

They like to take pictures of doors in Charleston, South Carolina–and for good reason! They’re pretty stunning. Here’s a collection of images from my recent Charleston visit–highlighted, of course, by the amazing Creamsicle cookies, via King Street Cookies. I was in town recently to speak at the Dig South conference.

Thanks Charleston!

Loved moderating the panel–and doing a live #TalkingTech podcast, from the Dig South conference in Charleston, SC. We talked about the pros and cons of having a tech start-up in a city with great weather, amazing historical buildings, low rent and many nearby beaches and islands. Have a listen!

Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

Love this new headshot by my pal Stephan Cooper, one of the great photographers. I always look my best when he’s behind the lens! Thanks Steve! This was photographed at the YouTube Space in Playa Vista, CA.

1st 25 Million downloads for #TalkingTech podcast

LOS ANGELES – On today’s show, 25 million thanks. Wednesday, the USA TODAY #TalkingTech podcast passed 25 million downloads. On the occasion of show no. 743, a few words of appreciation for listening, and a look back at the evolution of the audio show. We began podcasting as a way to spotlight complete extended #TalkingTech […]

#TalkingTech @YouTube

We produced the #TalkingTech podcast @YouTube Space LA this week, for a combo video/audio special! We’ve been doing the show in the L.A. at the USA TODAY bureau and at TuneIn’s recording studio in Venice, we record on the road at trade shows like the recent Facebook F8 conference, at motels and hotels–the other night […]