50 Million thanks to #TalkingTech podcast fans!

Fifty million thanks to everyone for listening to my #TalkingTech podcast.

50 million downloads for the #TalkingTech podcast

The latest download stats for the #TalkingTech podcast, per our SoundCloud RSS feed,

We crossed the latest milestone last week, with an episode about how Apple snapped the Workflow app into its library of apps. (The app offers shortcuts for simple things like ordering pizzas, Ubers or churning our texts to let the wife know you’re en route.)

The #TalkingTech Roundtable @YouTube Space LA

With 1,097 podcasts under our belt, we began doing the #TalkingTech podcast in 2014, at first to run the complete un-cut audio from our video interviews with celebrities (#TalkingYourTech) only to find that listeners enjoyed the short #TalkingTech burst of news and reviews. (And occasional lusts about the latest photo gear.)


With Mayor Eric Garcetti in the front seat of a self-driving Volvo

So we’ve been at it ever since, with seven days a week of daily editions.
Some of my favorites:
–Taking a good look at Amazon’s Alexa coming to the iPhone and discovering–wow–poor maligned Siri actually was more useful.

–Ordering a bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day, and letting you know who was best–Bouqs, BloomNation or BloomThat.

–Interviewing my son about why he ditched Macs for Windows.

–Five crashes later, what I’d learned about operating drones–true news you could use.

–And the annual turkey list is always fun–the worst of 2016.

We usually record the show every morning, except on Thursdays, when we do three for the weekend, which we publish on Friday. So far in 2017, our top cities are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Portland, with the obvious countries–US, Canada, UK, Australia and the non-obvious–Japan. Our most listened to podcast of all time had 130,000 listens–an interview with the founder of Joymode, an app for ditching your stuff and renting it instead.

Readers–as we go forward, please leave your reviews on iTunes and let us know what topics you’d like to hear us cover.

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