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Talking Your Tech 2013–Celebrity Tech Interview Highlights

We had an amazing roster for my Talking Your Tech USATODAY video show this year. A really nice and varied group of newsmakers and notables from the worlds of music, news, comedy, TV, film, podcasting, sports and even magic. Take a look at the highlight reel above–I crammed 20 or so highlights into a 2 […]

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Dr. Phil talks “Tech Addictions,” on USA TODAY Talking Your Tech

Phil McGraw, TV’s “Dr. Phil,” welcomed us to the historic Paramount Pictures studio in Hollywood recently for a #TalkingYourTech visit on his Stage 29 set. “Bones,” the gruff stage manager gave us all of 9.5 minutes for the interview (cut down to 8 when we protested that we also needed to photograph the good doc) […]

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