TalkingTech Sessions 043015

The latest round of portraits from our #TalkingTech Roundtable sessions studios in Venice Beach. Our cast this week: ┬áRoss McCray (Videoamp), Crystal Rose (, Jonathan Kessler ( and KTLA-TV’s Rich DeMuro.  

Doing the Wobble on 6th Street: SXSW

Covering the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas is one of the great treats. I’ve pulled some of our favorite videos and audio podcasts from the event. From flying cars and reading squirrels to the Wobble, it’s all here.

Photographing Kevin Nealon for USA TODAY #TalkingTech

When we met up with comedian Kevin Nealon at his home in Los Angeles for my USA TODAY #TalkingTech series, he mentioned that his all-time favorite gadget was the EG1 Traveler Guitar, suitable for overhead bins and rocking out in hotel rooms. Well, you know me. “Can you go it?” I asked. And thus began […]