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Japanese monkeys

One of the benefits of visiting Kyoto, Japan is a little monkey habitat by the Bamboo Forest. The Arashiyama Monkey Park is a mega, mega climb, high up in the hills, but worth it. The animals that roam free up there are called the “Japanese macaque” and also known as the “Snow monkey.” It costs […]

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Review: Google Wifi easy to install, improves network

Subscribe to #TalkingTech on iTunes:​ MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – If you’re having issues connecting to wifi in the house, you might want to take a look at Google Wifi, a product that aims to eliminate those pesky dead spots in the house. Google Wifi, which sells for $299, consists of 3 little round devices. […]

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50 Million thanks to #TalkingTech podcast fans!

Fifty million thanks to everyone for listening to my #TalkingTech podcast. We crossed the latest milestone last week, with an episode about how Apple snapped the Workflow app into its library of apps. (The app offers shortcuts for simple things like ordering pizzas, Ubers or churning our texts to let the wife know you’re en […]

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