Best of CES 2016

Drones, 360 and the Glyph. My big three highlights from #CES2016, the annual first-week geekfest in the desert. Here are my visual faves from the week. The Glyph was my favorite of all the things I saw. Think of it as earphones for the eyes. I had a ball with the drones. I want one. […]

#TalkingTech 2015 highlights

Another great year of #TalkingTech on USA TODAY. Thanks everyone for watching! Here’s highlights from the year, starting with the big interview with Judy Graham, my mom.

The #TalkingTech Jump

Every week, after we finish the #TalkingTechLIVE podcast, I bring my panelists into the hallway of TuneIn Studios for a group shot and individual portraits. The fun is at the end, when I ask everyone to jump, and these mild-mannered techies let it all out, in a big way. Here’s a collection of some of […]

Flying drones, top app of the year, Waze and more

My latest collection of USA TODAY #TalkingTech videos, including a visit to the L.A. Drone Expo, reports on Apple’s top apps of the year, and a sit-down with Waze growth chief Di-Ann Eisnor on trying to shave 10 seconds from your daily commute.

Top 10 tech innovations of 2015

Here’s my take on the top tech innovations of 2015, led by the best new app of the year, Google Photos. Take a look at the video–and click the link to read the USA TODAY report. The report: And for the flip side–here’s my top tech turkeys of the year as well.