Riding with L.A. mayor in semi-self-driving car

The assignment – meet L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti in downtown Los Angeles by 6:30 a.m., attend his morning press conference and then drive off in a Volvo XC90 with semi self-driving features, and get video of the ride for USA TODAY Talking Tech. So Sean Fujiwara and I met up, outfitted the Volvo with 3 […]

Manhattan Beach 4K Minute – in November

In preparing the review of the Sony A7SII camera for USA TODAY, I wanted to do another test of the ultra-high-definition 4K video capabilities. As a Manhattan Beach based photographer, what better place to check it out on a November, Saturday afternoon, than my hometown, where it’s always an endless summer. Take a look!

Night shots in pitch dark with w/Sony A7SII

I took the Sony A7SII out into the New Mexico night skies tonight, to test out how the latest version of the low-light champ could handle hand-held shots of stars and such. The new camera has some amazing built-in stabilization to play with–but how would it do with really long and previously unheard of exposures– […]