Jerry Graham Memorial Online

If you have an hour or so to spare, here’s the complete Memorial Day celebration of my late dad, Jerry Graham, from Chaminade in Santa Cruz. Thanks to Jeff Pierce for producing the great “Bay Area Back Roads” segment, my brother Jez for performing “Thank You Dad” with the grandkids and all the great speakers. […]

Hangin’ on a Fire Escape with Peek’s Ruzwana Bashir

There are some great perks to my #USATODAY job–I get to meet really interesting people, talk to them on video and photograph them as well. What’s not to like? So it was a thrill last week to meet Ruzwana Bashir, the dynamic young co-founder of the Peek travel website for an upcoming USA TODAY Talking […]

Tout’s Michael Downing

We visited the offices of San Francisco based video platform Tout (as in “Tout Me!”) the other day for an upcoming USAToday #TalkingTech profile. We had fun bringing CEO and founder Michael Downing into a quiet room to clown around with the Tout app and his iPhone. Look for the piece soon in an upcoming […]