Podcasting is Back! | My USA TODAY Talking Tech report

Check out out my USA TODAY report on the podcasting resurgence. Audiocasts are easier to find than ever before (no more syncing the computer and downloading, thanks to apps like Tunein, SoundCloud, Stitcher and iHeartRadio), they are more plentiful (Tunein has over 2 million podcasts alone) and more and more great people are stepping in […]

SoundCloud on Talking Tech

A few weeks ago I met Alexander Ljung, the 31-year-old, Berlin-based co-founder and CEO of the SoundCloud audio service in San Francisco at the USA TODAY bureau there. We talked about his website, the “YouTube of audio,” did a quick video interview, and I photographed him afterwards in the conference room. I was traveling light–no […]

Apps @5, read by the author

I’ve really been getting a kick out of contributing audio to Soundcloud, Tunein and Stitcher, and love listening to Larry Magid’s daily 60-second reports for CBS News. He does a masterful job. How could I do that too, I wondered. And there it was, staring in front of me. My latest USA TODAY article, on […]