TalkingTech Sessions 043015

The latest round of portraits from our #TalkingTech Roundtable sessions studios in Venice Beach. Our cast this week: ┬áRoss McCray (Videoamp), Crystal Rose (, Jonathan Kessler ( and KTLA-TV’s Rich DeMuro.  

The #TalkingTech sessions @TuneIN

Each week we meet up at the studios in Venice Beach to record the #TalkingTech roundtable podcast. We weigh in on the week’s tech news and have lots of laughs. We always get a great, diverse crowd, industry insiders, tech startups and best of all, outside voices, like my mom, my pal Stephan Cooper, […]

Faces of #TalkingTech

That I love hosting the audio edition of USA TODAY #TalkingTech @TuneinStudios in Venice Beach is a well-known fact. But the added gravy is getting great pix of my guests while they’re at the roundtable. Here’s some highlights from this week: From top: photographer Stephan Cooper, Zita Cassizzi, the chief digital officer for Tom’s Shoes, […]