Sights and smells from Charleston, SC

They like to take pictures of doors in Charleston, South Carolina–and for good reason!
They’re pretty stunning.
Classic Charleston doorAnother classic Charleston door
Old Charleston Home
Here’s a collection of images from my recent Charleston visit–highlighted, of course, by the amazing Creamsicle cookies, via King Street Cookies. I was in town recently to speak at the Dig South conference. Orange Creamsicle cookie from King Street CookiesA former meat plant turned theaterUniversity housing in Charleston

Love this old Dentist sign from an office in Charleston
Love this old Dentist sign from an office in Charleston

Thanks Charleston!

Loved moderating the panel–and doing a live #TalkingTech podcast, from the Dig South conference in Charleston, SC.
We talked about the pros and cons of having a tech start-up in a city with great weather, amazing historical buildings, low rent and many nearby beaches and islands. Have a listen!

1st 25 Million downloads for #TalkingTech podcast

LOS ANGELES – On today’s show, 25 million thanks.

Wednesday, the USA TODAY #TalkingTech podcast passed 25 million downloads. On the occasion of show no. 743, a few words of appreciation for listening, and a look back at the evolution of the audio show.

We began podcasting as a way to spotlight complete extended #TalkingTech video interviews, which were always cut up and edited for webcast.

The first was my 45 interview with comedian Lewis Black about the gadgets that drove him crazy. Along the way, we also began offering quick hits on tech news, and they found great interest from listeners.

In 2015 we also added the Talking Tech Roundtable show, a one-hour weekly talk show with a panel offering their take on the week’s tech news.

We run the long show intact and also slice it up, in a mix with our daily commentary and interviews.

In June, 2015, we were having so much fun, we decided to go daily–and now post #TalkingTech seven days a week. I haven’t missed a show yet.


We’ve recorded the podcast from developer conference, on vacation everywhere from Mexico, Zion National Park, Portland and Santa Fe and even in restaurants.
So it was that on April 20th, our 25 millionth listener probably tuned into my chat with Xavier Carillo Costa from the Thai Top restaurant in Hermosa Beach. Costa is a video game designer from Barcelona, who talked about the joys of living and working in Spain and how they don’t take siestas during the work day–well, that is except in the summer.

I usually record the show on an iRig HD mic from IK Multimedia, direct into a Macbook and Final Cut Pro. I don’t use audio software because of my video background–I’m already in Final Cut editing video every day, so I just like to work there.

The bulk of our audience is in the United States–representing 20.7 million of the downloads, followed by Canada, the UK, Australia and Japan.

In the U.S., we have our biggest audience in New York, followed by Los Angeles, our home city, Chicago, Houston and Seattle.

Our most popular shows?

Here’s a countdown of the top 5:

–No. 5. I reviewed that new Steve Jobs documentary that played in the fall, and complained that the late Apple co-founder was portrayed as a monster.

–No. 4. A report about T-Mobile’s moves to offer free video streaming on phones, but at a cost of lower resolution.

–No. 3. A guide to the rules you need to know for flying drones.

–No. 2 How Instagram’s new changes on what photos go into your news stream affect what you’ll see.

–No. 1. A report on an app called Workflow, which Apple said was the “most innovative” app of 2015. Workflow offers many shortcuts for popular tasks.

So, as we head out to the next 25 million, a quick shout to our listeners, and the great folks at USA TODAY who helped us grow the show, as well all the fabulous guests.
Top of the list: Shannon Rae Green, David Callaway, Susan Motif, Nancy Kerr, Scott Stein, Taryn Langer, Lori Jonas, Jennifer Acree, Jen Warren, Stephan Cooper, Sean Fujiwara and many others.

Fans of the show–let’s be more in touch over the next year. What subjects would you like to see covered on TalkingTech? Who would be a great guest? What did I say recently that you violently disagree with?

I want to hear from each and every one of you.

My e-mail is easy to remember–jgraham@usatoday, you can find me on Facebook as jefferson.graham, or on Twitter as @jeffersongraham.

Listen to the #Talking Tech podcast on Stitcher, iTunes, TuneIn and SoundCloud.

#TalkingTech @YouTube

We produced the #TalkingTech podcast @YouTube Space LA this week, for a combo video/audio special!

We’ve been doing the show in the L.A. at the USA TODAY bureau and at TuneIn’s recording studio in Venice, we record on the road at trade shows like the recent Facebook F8 conference, at motels and hotels–the other night we even did a show at the Thai Top restaurant in Hermosa Beach.
This was our first time at a big production studio–and we loved it. We used the YouTube lobby as our studio, rounding up our panelists to join us around the table–this week’s guests: 500px’s Andy Yang, Science, Inc.’s Mike Jones and Mashable’s Saba Hamedy.
Take a list to the show and let us know what you think! Thanks Michelle Slavich for setting up and Stephan Cooper for the able assist.

The #TalkingTech Roundtable @YouTube Space LA
The #TalkingTech Roundtable @YouTube Space LA