Best of CES 2016

Drones, 360 and the Glyph. My big three highlights from #CES2016, the annual first-week geekfest in the desert.
Here are my visual faves from the week.

The Glyph was my favorite of all the things I saw. Think of it as earphones for the eyes.

I had a ball with the drones. I want one. Except the one I crave didn’t hang at the Drone Rodeo. It’s the Lily Camera, which the makers call a “Flying Camera.” You toss it in the air, and it follows you around. We hope. No working model was shown at CES–and the makers promise delivery in summer. We hope.

Finally, what could be cooler than 360, spherical video? Check it out.

And for your audiophiles out there, here are 3 days of audio wrapups.

The #TalkingTech Jump

Every week, after we finish the #TalkingTechLIVE podcast, I bring my panelists into the hallway of TuneIn Studios for a group shot and individual portraits.
The fun is at the end, when I ask everyone to jump, and these mild-mannered techies let it all out, in a big way.
Here’s a collection of some of my favorite jump shots.