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Manhattan Beach 4K Minute – in November

Manhattan Beach in November

In preparing the review of the Sony A7SII camera for USA TODAY, I wanted to do another test of the ultra-high-definition 4K video capabilities.
As a Manhattan Beach based photographer, what better place to check it out on a November, Saturday afternoon, than my hometown, where it’s always an endless summer. Take a look!

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Night shots in pitch dark with w/Sony A7SII

I took the Sony A7SII out into the New Mexico night skies tonight, to test out how the latest version of the low-light champ could handle hand-held shots of stars and such.
The new camera has some amazing built-in stabilization to play with–but how would it do with really long and previously unheard of exposures– like 1 second or even longer?
The verdict–see for yourself. I’d say amazing–but still, if you’re out doing night photography to shoot the stars–don’t leave the tripod at home kids.
(In my next post, I’ll have examples of 4K videos of the night skies.)
Look for my USA TODAY review of the A7SII soon.

Exposure: 1/3 of a second, 160,000 ISO, 28mm 2.0 lens at 2.0

1 second exposure, 160,000 ISO F. 2

Exposure – 1 second, 160,000 ISO, F2

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#talkingtechLIVE from USA TODAY L.A. bureau

For the first time we tried recording a live podcast direct from the Los Angeles USA TODAY bureau to great results.
Here’s photo, video and audio highlights from the event, which featured my guests, KTLA-TV’s Rich Demuro, Variety co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein and Recode senior editor Dawn Chmieleweski. Photos by USA TODAY’s Robert Hanashiro.

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Low light photo tests w/Sony A7SII

I’m testing the new Sony A7SII camera in Santa Fe this weekend for an upcoming USA TODAY review. It’s a new and improved version of the A7S, but with internal 4K video recording and superb image stabilization thrown in–for $500 more than the previous model.
The A7S was the low-light champ–with great shots in the lowest of light, without image degradation.
So before jumping into the video tests, I decided to go for it and get shots in ultra-low light, at ISOs of 35,000.
That’s really high. Most of us shoot in the 400-800 range. Most of us won’t go beyond 3200 without seeing noise and grain start to seep in.
Take a look. Most of these are from the beautiful Lensic theater in downtown Santa Fe, and nearby Burro Alley.

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All about me – Cheri Steinkellner turns the tables

While visiting Cheri Steinkellner’s media class at University of California, Santa Barbara, the Emmy winning writer-producer turned the tables and asked me all about my life and career.
Interested about how a kid from New York grows up to become a reporter, photographer, videographer, producer and tech maven? Have a listen!

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