Low light photo tests w/Sony A7SII

I’m testing the new Sony A7SII camera in Santa Fe this weekend for an upcoming USA TODAY review. It’s a new and improved version of the A7S, but with internal 4K video recording and superb image stabilization thrown in–for $500 more than the previous model.
The A7S was the low-light champ–with great shots in the lowest of light, without image degradation.
So before jumping into the video tests, I decided to go for it and get shots in ultra-low light, at ISOs of 35,000.
That’s really high. Most of us shoot in the 400-800 range. Most of us won’t go beyond 3200 without seeing noise and grain start to seep in.
Take a look. Most of these are from the beautiful Lensic theater in downtown Santa Fe, and nearby Burro Alley.