Review: Google Wifi easy to install, improves network

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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – If you’re having issues connecting to wifi in the house, you might want to take a look at Google Wifi, a product that aims to eliminate those pesky dead spots in the house.

Google Wifi, which sells for $299, consists of 3 little round devices. The first one connects to your Internet router–the others are spread throughout the home, and plugged directly into the electrical outlet.

The product was first released last fall, but if you’re listening in the United Kingdom, it’s just about to launch there as well.

What I like about Google Wifi is two-prong. First of all, it works. It eliminated dead spots and made Internet access speedier and more reliable throughout the house. Second of all, it was drop-dead easy to set up.

I had feared tinkering with my internet was going to weaken the signal, so I had held off on opening the box for awhile. But the installation couldn’t have been smoother.

I plugged the first unit directly into the router, downloaded the companion app, which walks you through the installation process, and then went around the house, installing the other two units in strategic places.

I turned on the TV, and the streaming channels that had seemed pokey and almost unwatchable the night before, were now running as well as cable TV.

The drawback, for any of you listening, is why should you have to spend any money to improve the Internet we’re already on the monthly hook for. Because unless you live alone, in a small apartment, you’re sharing your signal with others, and everybody wants to be online at the same time, with the best signal. So your solution is to either grin and bear it, or spring for one of these mesh wifi systems.

Have you tried Google Wifi or any of the competitors, like Eeero or Linkys Velop? What are your thoughts? Let’s chat about it on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham.

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